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    Who are we?

    GeeS is a studio specialized in the mobile video game. We created this studio in 2017 and are based in Paris. We are passionate about our mission: "Create smart games for everyone". We are already credited with more than 300,000 downloads on our games.

    Our idea: Terra 3400

    Terra 3400 is a serious game to stop climate change.


    The Terra 3400 mobile game aims to help public understand the impacts of climate change. We want people to be virtually aware that a climate disaster is possible.


    Terra 3400 will be available on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets on September 2019. We also plan to deploy a Steam and Switch version.


    Our goal is to raise enough funds to release the game free for all.

    Why a Serious Game on environment?

    According to several experts, we have reached the point of no return of climate change. This alarming announcement could have a virtuous effect: terrifying populations, raising awareness, which would push governments to take immediate and reliable action.


    The Paris Agreement is the first universal agreement dedicated to the fight against climate change. The Paris Agreement required the ratification by 55 countries together responsible for at least 55% of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) to be applied. The European Union has achieved the necessary conditions for the entry into force of this Agreement on the 5th October 2016.


    This Agreement is a big step towards an awareness that remains fragile. Half of the emissions are still carried out by countries that have not ratified the agreement. Also, on the 1st June 2017, President Donald Trump announced, as he had promised during his campaign, the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Agreement.


    We believe that a serious game on this theme would help some people disinterested in politics to take the voice in the public debate, whether today or tomorrow for the youngest.

  • Terra 3400

    Game Concept

    The player must manage resources in the fields of agriculture and energy (including primary resources, production, transportation & storage of electricity). He builds infrastructure by analyzing his land resources on a map. It must satisfy its population (who want to consume resources, and therefore produce waste) while protecting its ecosystem. Some events disrupt the action of the player only if the latter handles them poorly, so they are without impact if they are well managed.


    The goal is to survive after the year 3400.


    How to manage the complexity of the ecosystem?

    To measure the local and global impacts, the game is played on a reduced map whose global effects (global warming or forest management for example) are increased tenfold.


    Why would the player be sensitized by this game?

    Terra 3400 makes it possible to become aware of the impact of each measure on our ecosystem. Without proper management of resources and adequate measures, impossible to win. The player will realize very quickly that our current world contains a series of defects which, in the game, would not make it possible to win because of their very harmful impact for the environment.


    We think that many players will be able to transpose this from virtual to real.

    In summary, with Terra 3400 you will:

    • Manage resources
    • Build infrastructure
    • Discover inventions
    • Respond to scripted events

    To manage two aspects:

    • To avoid climate change in the long term
    • Satisfy the population in the short term
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